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Ode to Sushant Singh Rajput

In my childhood I have played a lot of tennis ball cricket. Whenever I went in to bat, no body told me to take guard. When my turn came to bat, just went in and started to bat. Few times I scored. Many a times I failed.

Similarly in life. We do not take guard (assess the world) in life. We play life casually. Like tennis ball cricket. Few occasions we are successful. Most of the times we lose.

When we have reached a milestone in cricket, we think we are connecting the ball well. Just then we swing the bat wildly to connect the ball, we miss it and it takes the bails off!

Similarly when we reach a milestone in life!!! we think we are playing well in life. Just then life plays cruel to us. It takes our bail called life out!!!

Do not take life casually. Take fresh guard at every stage in life.

Jayashankar Krishnamurthy

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