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Vedanta Institute Hyderabad was established under the guidance of A.Parthasarathy, who is the founder of Vedanta Academy, situated in Malavli. Vedanta Academy is a world resource for study, research and dissemination of Vedanta. It offers continual three-year full-time residential courses and youth camps for students as well as corporate seminars and retreats for professionals and businesspersons.


Vedanta Institute Hyderabad is a charitable trust registered in Telangana. It is founded for the purpose of harmonizing the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of human beings, without any distinction of colour, race or religion. The trust particularly focuses on the young minds, motivating them to work for an ideal, beyond selfish interests. Above all, lead one to the ultimate goal of Self-Realization.


The trust organizes annual public discourses on Vedanta in order to spread the knowledge of life and living for the upliftment of the society. These discourses are conducted by Swami Parthasarathy, Sunanda Ji (daughter-disciple of Swami Parthasarathy) and Sushila Ji. The discourses are attended by large audiences from a cross section of society. The objectives of the trust are met through donations made to it. All donations are exempt from income tax under section 80G of the income tax act.

All contributions are eligible for deduction u/s. 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide Unique Registration Number AABTV1533AF20211 dt. 23.09.2021 issued by the Principal of Commissioner of Income Tax valid upto fiscal year ending 31.03.2026.

Vedanta Institute Hyderabad has been approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Office of the Registrar of Companies for undertaking CSR activities (in the field of promotion of Education) and the Registration Number is CSR00039871.

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"Just as a human being looks into a mirror and removes the blemishes externally from the body, similarly a human being should look into higher values and remove the blemishes internally from the mind."  

-  Jayashankar

Jayashankar Krishnamurthy is a science graduate from the University of Madras and a post graduate in Packaging Technology from Mumbai. He had a distinguished corporate career.   Seeking answers to questions pertaining to life and living he pursued a three year full time residential course on Vedanta Philosophy at Vedanta Academy in Malavli, founded by Swami Parthasarathy. He has spent over three decades doing study and research on human behaviour and their response to the world. He is the Executive Trustee of Vedanta Institute Hyderabad.

To help people live a value-based life, he has been conducting sessions on Vedanta over two decades. He has addressed leading institutions like Coromandel International Limited, Nagarjuna Fertilizers Private Limited, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Private Limited, JBR Group of Institutions, ITC Limited etc. He has been an in-house Value Education facilitator, parent counsellor and teacher trainer in Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), Kuwait.

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Anandhi Jayashankar is a double post-graduate in English Literature from University of Madras and Counselling Psychology from IGNOU. She is also an English language expert from English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU, Hyderabad, India). 


After more than two decades of analyzing and understanding the needs of the present generation and how best they can be molded to think better and live better, the program called ‘Molding Young Minds’, has taken shape. Her deep understanding of women and the important role they play in society building; along with her training as a counselling psychologist, make her sessions empowering and effective.  

She also conducts sessions on Bhagavad Gita and preparatory texts explaining the concepts in Bhagavad Gita authored by Swami A Parthasarathy.  These sessions are clear and lucid, help to learn how to develop intellect and govern emotions to handle the challenges in life. 


As a senior disciple of Swami Parthasarathy, she believes in setting an example and passing on the profound philosophy of the scriptures to people in contemporary thought and language. 

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